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All over the world, right now, our specialist consultants are developing powerful technology solutions to solve complex business challenges


We invest heavily in close relationships.

At invenioLSI, we’re from everywhere, and we go anywhere, so we integrate seamlessly into your teams, methods and processes. We offer dedicated project teams, on or off site, with the right local language skills. And with immediate access to our team leads, you’ll always feel in control of your project. We believe this is how it should always be done.


Why invenioLSI?

Customer Focus

Our customers are our focus. Your ambitions matter to us because we can help you get there. You come first in everything we do.


We’re one team, and we take care of each another. Because when we do, not only does invenioLSI grow but so does every employee.


Because we’re specialists, we hit the ground running. We understand your industry, and your technology, so we’re effective from day one.


We encourage a culture of ideas and initiative to deliver fresher, smarter work. We find solutions where others can’t, and we go the extra mile.



InvenioLSI at a glance

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Creating a safe and healthy work environment for all is something we believe is an essential component of any business.

Get to know the CODE 

invenioLSI is not just a company - we are a community. Therefore, we have decided to develop a CODE for our culture. We value transparency and thought we would share our outlook on work, culture, and community with the world.

As a global company, we have employees working all over the world. Teams often are comprised of people from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures. With so many different points of view and customs, invenioLSI wanted to foster our own community - one that has universal ideas about respect and responsibility.

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The invenioLSI team is standing by to answer your questions. Whether it's about our company, support & services, the industries we work in, or you just want to learn more, we're here to help.