1EdTech Conference: Shaping the future of education

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4 Oct, 2023

This year’s 1Edtech Conference in Nottingham, England, brought together visionaries from higher education institutions, technology partners, and industry-academia alliances across Europe. This convergence of minds elicited enlightening discussions about the potential to revolutionise the way we teach and learn.

Here are three key topics that stood out to me: 

1. Evolving the world’s learning ecosystem with technology

Untitled design (59)-1Over the last decade, we’ve seen a huge increase in international enrolment. So, how do we meet the emerging need to ensure that the college experience is equitable and standardised for everyone? 

The EdTech community is developing standards for university applications that can be used across borders, to help facilitate a trustworthy public-private ecosystem. Digital privacy and security are must-have components, especially when it comes to sensitive educational data. Attendees explored strategies to build an ecosystem that prioritises these concerns without hindering innovation. 


2. Unlocking the power of AI and data science 

We now understand the power of generative AI and data science. This includes the tremendous potential these technologies hold for students, teachers, and university staff. AI promises to curate and deliver knowledge precisely when it's needed, revolutionising the learning experience. 

One standout application of AI discussed at the conference was the concept of the Intelligent Tutor. This tool aims to provide personalised guidance and support to students, helping them excel in their studies. Additionally, it frees up staff from mundane administrative tasks, allowing teams to focus on higher value activities. 

AI also has the potential to reduce administration by automating processes and speeding up decision-making. However, it’s crucial to educate students and educators on the ethical use of AI and ensure they understand its benefits and limitations. The inevitable shift to advanced IT in education requires support to help staff to adapt and incorporate these tools with teaching methods and organisational processes. 


3. Student Activity Hub by UCSD 

1edtech- Shailendra Blog (5)A standout presentation at the conference was Vince Kellen's unveiling of the Student Activity Hub, powered by SAP HANA. The data analytics capability offers universities a cost-effective solution with collaborative partnership opportunities. The response from higher education professionals was overwhelmingly positive, indicating the potential for transformative change in the way universities operate and support students. 

The 1Edtech Conference provided a platform for leaders and experts to come together and shape the future of education. From defining international standards to harnessing the power of AI and data science, the conference offered inspiring insights to help make education more accessible, efficient, and effective for students, educators, and institutions worldwide. As we continue to embrace advancements in technology, we must also continue to uphold the ethical and pedagogical principles that underpin the very essence of education.  

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