How to unlock the value of your content financial supply chain [Webinar Recording]

Posted by:
Silviya Savova

Publish Date:
29 Apr, 2022


The entertainment industry’s supply chain is designed to execute repeatable processes, but scaling is its current challenge. Between synchronizing all the data points across the value chain during the entire lifecycle, automating hundreds of business processes around the thousands of transactions, and processing the millions of transactions generated by a greenlighted concept, organizations need integrated and scalable systems, powered by ML, to enable the financial processes critical to their viability. 

With our extensive experience in the Media & Entertainment industry, invenioLSI and RSG Media got together for a session discussing the recent challenges that the entertainment industry is facing and how we can help you optimize your processes and enable growth, visibility, and insights.

Watch this on demand webinar to learn how you can:

  • Manage risk, while maintaining speed from production to delivery
  • Streamline your production finance processes and enable transparency and real-time reporting
  • Use analytics to improve forecasting and achieve greater ROI
  • Automate and centralize your Rights and Royalties processes


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Silviya Savova

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