2024 Guide to Profitability in Media Content Production & Distribution [Webinar Recording and Recap]

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23 Feb, 2024

In our latest webinar, Media & Entertainment industry experts Shiv Sehgal, EVP of RSG Media's Audience Analytics division, and Shyam Jajoida, EVP and Global Head of Presales at invenioLSI, joined host Marissa Dorros, Marketing Manager at invenioLSI. Together, they explored how media companies can leverage data analytics to gain a competitive edge and enhance profitability.

Shiv, who started his journey as a Rights Management Business Analyst 13 years ago, now manages a dynamic portfolio of intelligent inventory management solutions to empower media companies worldwide. Meanwhile, Shyam brings over 25 years of experience in SAP system implementations, demonstrating the value of SAP products to clients across various industries. The webinar quickly gained attention as a must-watch virtual event, given the profound expertise of both speakers.

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Navigating Today’s Content Frontier

Competition to create the most comprehensive content collection has heated up, with global original content production increasing by 18% year over year. To stand out, media companies are increasingly securing exclusive rights and battling it out with subscription services, working hard to keep subscribers happy and loyal to their brand. Ad spending strategies are also evolving, with a growing focus on targeted and future-focused spending, underscoring the critical importance of advanced advertising capabilities. 

Meanwhile, mergers and acquisitions are happening left and right as companies try to grow, improve, and save money. Shiv also noted that IP adaptations and gaming continue to blur the lines between different types of entertainment. And by and large, streaming is changing everything. As consumer demands change, companies must get creative with production and distribution management to keep up.

The Many Paths to Monetization

In today's dynamic media landscape, success hinges on embracing a multi-channel approach, blending diverse revenue models to maximize profits and establish sustainable business models. To adapt to this ever-changing and increasingly complex media market, the seamless integration of rights, financials, and audience analytics is essential.

RSG Media's Strategies for Success: Rights Management  

RSG's solutions are all about helping media companies step up their game in content, consumer products, advertising, and marketing. Their rights and audience platforms are the backbone of the business, supporting everyone from content creators to distributors and fueled by cloud-based tech like machine learning and AI that provide transformative insights. 

Evolving Rights Models

  • As new platforms continue to emerge, complexities in rights management, financial processing, and audience analytics evolve. RSG Media's rights and analytics platforms address many of these challenges across the media supply chain for effective content monetization.

Media Maturity Model

  • For RSG, it’s not just business; RSG sees clients as strategic partners, collaboratively enhancing the value chain. Each stage of this model comes with a set of initiatives built to help propel companies along the maturity curve to unlock greater returns. 

By integrating descriptive and predictive analytics, we empower customers with a comprehensive understanding, ultimately reducing risk and delivering an optimal story.

The invenioLSI Advantage: Content Management

invenioLSI brings together systems like SAP with production systems on one platform to provide a clear view of profitability at every stage. This unification means you can keep an eye on costs, compare them to budgets, and have more control over what's driving costs. With automation abilities for content acquisitions and finances, the integration streamlines the management of the entire content lifecycle. Plus, after content is acquired, all the production data in the SAP system gets shared with every system, including RSG’s rights and audience analytics platforms.

Solving Profit Puzzles

  • invenioLSI's Content Financials, built atop SAP S/4HANA, addresses the profitability problem from a different angle than, focusing on the content lifecycle's financial aspects. It includes content proposals, profitability, and costs from the content proposal stage, all the way to amortization.

Creating Better Workflows

  • Content Financials automates processes throughout the content lifecycle to improve efficiency. Using SAP's features beyond financials, invenioLSI enhances productivity and satisfaction, streamlining processes into one integrated workflow.

By leveraging SAP's substantial investments in research and development, we can apply advanced technologies to benefit our customers. 

The combination of RSG's robust rights and audience platforms and invenioLSI's Content Financials, built to enhance visibility into content production, distribution, and profitability, empowers media companies with unprecedented control and insight. This synergy of technologies is essential for minimizing risks in decision-making, promoting unity across teams, and ultimately driving higher returns.

If you want to get started, we’re happy to help you identify immediate gains and plan for long-term success by creating a tailored execution plan based on your needs. The limitless potential for your company to lead in the future of media content production and distribution remains essential. 

Reach us at sales@inveniolsi.com to learn more or schedule a free consultation.

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