Effective change management strategies and seamless tax implementations

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Chandan Vashista

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25 Feb, 2021

Transforming existing methods with change management programmes

Global tax policies have evolved rapidly in recent years, leading to a continuous improvement approach when it comes to implementations. With governance and approval processes making modifications to existing policies complicated, these changes highlight the need for more integrated tax administrations. This, in turn, fuels the need for effective change management programmes.

At Invenio, we focus on implementation processes that transform ways of working. We solve business challenges, offer effective change management programmes that focus on modernising tax administration services and accelerating taxpayer compliance. By doing this, we increase function agility, enabling tax authorities to remain flexible and adjust accordingly with evolving laws and regulations, operations and processes.

Working with key stakeholders to drive continuous business improvement

The level of collaboration and foresight required can often be underestimated, leading to unwanted issues, delays and costs which can be avoided. In order to bypass this and deliver effective change management strategies, external ministries, banks and other third parties also need to be engaged and involved in the process. By utilising their expertise to identify, analyse and determine opportunities, tax authorities are able to create conducive processes and enable a collaborative workflow. This engagement plays a crucial role in bringing about a seamless transition, while providing end-to-end transparency throughout the project.


Keeping these requirements in mind, we understand that the scope of the project, and any potential changes, must be adequately assessed and managed throughout the project lifecycle – from conception to completion. Continuous business improvement must also be woven into the IT transformation strategy, as this maximises the overall value of new tax solutions. The change control function should consider legislative and regulatory changes, as well as risk management to ensure comprehensive compliance and effective risk mitigation.


Our SAP Tax and Revenue Management (TRM) experts have helped governments across the world deliver effective, modern and digitalised tax solutions. A comprehensive and flexible approach to change management, which grows and evolves alongside the tax authority’s ever-changing requirements, enables governments to benefit from intelligent and efficient tax solutions that are driven by data and compliance.

Learn about how implementing actionable insights driven technology can revolutionise taxpayer compliance.

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Chandan Vashista

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