Empowering the Student with Study Route Functionality

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Steven Nakchedi

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29 May, 2024

University students and administrators of today expect the academic registration process to be seamless and smart. With the new Study Route functionality introduced by our partner NTT Data with SAP’s Student Life Cycle Management (SLcM), the student is empowered to effortlessly choose their classes and areas of study quickly and efficiently.  With the Student Route system, navigating your university education is now more straightforward than it’s ever been. Designed to offer flexibility and personalization, Student Route allows you to craft your academic path with ease and accuracy. The new Study Route tool now enables the student to identify their major, browse their academic options, and self-register for their classes for the semester.  Here are the three simple steps to make the most of this innovative tool. 

3 easy steps to register:  

Step 1: Customizing your study plan 

After logging into the Study Route dashboard, you'll first notice your proposed study plan based on your enrolled major. From the dashboard, you can view your entire study route, which is divided into different years with a separate tab for each year.

This is where the personalization begins:  

  1. Understand what is mandatory: The system first presents the mandatory classes based on your selected major. If you would like to change these, you can submit an exemption request using the “Request Exemption” button upload any necessary notes or documentation. 

  2. Elective choices: You have the freedom to choose between different elective pairs. By clicking the “Add Modules” button, you can select the electives that align with your interests. 

This step ensures your study route is tailored to your preferences, giving you more control over your educational journey. 

Class Slections

Step 2: Selecting minors and majors 


Student Route also allows you to diversify your academic profile with minors and majors: 

  1. Choosing a minor: You can pick a minor from a list of options. For example, if you are interested in Finance, select it, and the system will automatically enroll you in the required modules. Changed your mind? No problem. You can easily switch to another minor of your choice. The system will notify you if you have not unenrolled from Finance to prevent accidental over-enrollment. 

  2. Exploring beyond your curriculum: The platform offers recommendations for modules both within and outside your primary curriculum, allowing you to broaden your knowledge base. 

This step is all about expanding your academic horizons and aligning your studies with your career goals. 


Step 3: Submitting and refining your plan 

The final step involves finalizing your study plan and getting feedback: 

  1. Save and reviewYou are not required to complete your study plan in one session. Simply save it as a draft and return it to whenever you’re ready. 

  2. Submit for approval: Once satisfied with your selections, submit your plan for review. Your study advisor will receive a notification and can provide feedback or suggest adjustments if necessary. 

  3. Communicate with your advisor: Use the comments field to ask questions or clarify any uncertainties. You can also upload necessary documents like certificates or motivation letters to support your choices.

    Submitt 2
Once your advisor approves your plan, you can proceed to book your modules, ensuring they integrate smoothly into your schedule. 

Calendar View

Final notes 

With Student Route, customizing your educational path has never been easier and more empowering. By following these three steps—customizing your study plan, selecting minors and majors, and submitting for approval—you can create a study path that authentically reflects your passions and career aspirations. Embrace the power and flexibility of these tools and take control of your academic journey today! 

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Steven Nakchedi

SAP SLcM Solution Architect at invenioLSI

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