Exploring the Benefits GovOne brings to S/4 HANA: Intelligent Cloud ERP for Public Sector

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30 Mar, 2022


 invenioLSI recently welcomed more than 50 attendees to join them in their first-ever GovOne webinar on a digital platform. Caroline Silva, VP of Global Marketing, presented this informative session with the speaker, Shyam Jajodia, EVP and Solution Architect. 

This article will cover all that was discussed and demonstrated during the webinar in case you couldn't make it. The session included an introduction to invenioLSI and then delved into what GovOne is, its many benefits, and what it includes. It also involved in-depth demonstrations followed by a Q&A session.

With over 25 years of SAP Experience and an impressive 36 years of Finance and Management Consulting Experience, Shyam possesses a deep knowledge of implementing SAP's Public Sector solutions. His credentials are vast, with proven expertise in implementing enterprise systems in Government sectors. However, it's Shyam's expertise in GovOne solutions that made him the ideal person to guide the attendees, including public sector ERP managers, CFOs and influencers, through the various opportunities that the system offers. 

Who we are:

invenioLSI is an award-winning global SAP Gold partner catering primarily for the public sector. It has over 1,400 employees working out of 16 offices across 11 countries. Focusing on just a few key industries, including the public sector, we provide targeted solutions and expertise that make a real difference to our clients. 

We are proud to have some well-known public sector organizations on our customer list, including Penn State University, the State of Nevada, the State of Hawaii, the Republic of Fiji Revenue and Customs Service, and the Kingdom of Bahrain – Ministry of Finance and National Economy, to name a few.

What is GovOne?

The GovOne solution is a template and reference solution for the public sector built on top of the SAP S/4 HANA platform. It delivers real-time reporting and analytics across all major business processes. The system's easy-to-adopt user interface demonstrates how government processes can be implemented in an S/4 HANA system to support the customer's requirements. The GovOne system is designed to help the government and other public sector organizations manage their financials and provides users access to real-time analytics, which reduces the time from insight to action.

The GovOne system, developed by invenioLSI, helps navigate all the typical integration and process-related issues and enables us to provide a tried-and-tested solution to our customers. It facilitates improved implementation quality by incorporating our best-practice configurations based on years of successful implementation experience. Additionally, it eases the knowledge transfer to your personnel, which has dual benefits: the first is faster and easier buy-in from customers because they will fully understand how the accounting and other processes work in the SAP system, and the second is how it will aid your internal support capabilities.

The diagram below (fondly dubbed the 'Hamburger' diagram) demonstrates what is in the GovOne system: 

MicrosoftTeams-image (5)

Benefits of GovOne:

As discussed earlier, GovOne enables a better and more informed buy-in where, instead of being shown a PowerPoint presentation, the customer receives a proper demonstration in the GovOne system of the different SAP processes. This gives them a real feel for the system and enables them to see the functions and capabilities that they will have at the end of the implementation. 

 Another unequivocal advantage is that the implementation cost and effort are far lower since the system has many pre-configured settings which can be altered if needed.

 It also enables greater use of standard functionality. Where invenioLSI has already worked out solutions to the typical problems faced by public sector clients, the amount of custom development needed is reduced, which brings down the maintenance cost and effort required.

Finally, as the system is intuitively designed for people who work in the government or Higher Education institutions, the solutions are geared toward the specific needs of users within that sector.

The modules included in the system are:


The webinar included live demos of the easily navigable user interface and its many features.


Demos included are:

  1. GovOne system's Grants Management module – allows the user to manage the entire lifecycle of the grant.
  2. GovOne General Ledger Module used for Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Financial reporting. 

You can watch these by clicking on the link below. 

Watch now!



This webinar essentially gives you a holistic view of what the S/4 HANA system looks like and how the GovOne system works. The deep-dive session included demonstrations of many functionalities of the system. And regardless of whether you are upgrading from a previous system or trying out the system for the first time, the invenioLSI's pre-configuration will help ease the transition and prove valuable long term. Or, for those already using SAP, invenioLSI can help to re-configure and simplify your existing system, tailoring our offering to your unique needs.


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