Highlights from Educause Annual Conference 2023

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Tim McCready

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1 Nov, 2023

The Educause Annual Conference is one of the most prominent events for higher education professionals and information technology providers to network and discuss the future of learning. This year's Educause did not disappoint; as attendees, we had the opportunity to meet with industry experts, discuss the pressing issues in higher education, and explore the latest and greatest solutions. 

This year, I was joined by my invenioLSI colleagues and higher education specialists Shyam Jajodia, and Steven Nakchedi.  

Discussions that form the future of technology  

One of the event highlights was meeting Geof Corb from Huron Consulting about the role of Student Lifecycle Management (SLcM) within the Student Information System (SIS) market. Our conversation highlighted the strengths of SLcM in enhancing student experiences and streamlining administrative processes. Geof and his team provided valuable insights into the future of SIS and its transformative potential. 

We were also fortunate to connect with our colleagues from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Over dinner, we got to discuss UCSD’s upcoming implementation projects and hear firsthand their aspirations for their implementation. These face-to-face interactions reinforced the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the higher education tech community. 

Top 10 Issues/Disrupters in Higher Education 

Every year, Educause releases its top 10 issues/ disrupters in Higher Education for the year. As we approach 2024, it’s important to keep in mind how we can help our customers overcome and manage these challenges through technology.   

1.  Cybersecurity as a Core Competency: Balancing cost and risk 

2.  Driving to Better Decisions: Improving data quality and governance 

3.  The Enrollment Crisis: Harnessing data to empower decision-makers 

4.  Diving Deep into Data: Leveraging analytics for actionable insights to improve learning and student success 

5.  Administrative Cost Reduction: Streamlining processes, data, and technologies 

6.  Meeting Students Where They Are: Providing universal access to institutional services 

7.  Hiring Resilience: Recruiting and retaining IT talent under adverse circumstances 

8.  Financial Keys to the Future: Using technology and data to help make tough choices 

9.  Balancing Budgets: Taking control of IT cost and vendor management 

10.  Adapting to the Future: Cultivating institutional agility 

 The commitment to enhancing the student, faculty, and staff experience remains a driving force. As the higher education landscape evolves, collaboration and innovation will continue to be essential in providing a world-class education for all.   

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