How digital video data can be analysed in an abundance of ways

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Sunayana Thakur

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22 Sep, 2021

The pandemic has necessitated a dependence on video and images more than ever before. From getting work done from home via video calls, getting shopping done, getting your account activated, setting up classes for kids, hosting calls with family, getting medical appointments - almost every aspect of life revolves around video and visuals. The need for video has reached a whole new level.

Video enriches the story in the picture and also adds an element of trust. With high-speed networks and 5G rollouts, video content is poised to take over our lives even further. While our profession, education, health, fitness and social lives are becoming immersive, this data can now be harnessed to assess, contextualise, and inferred to enhance productivity. Businesses can utilise the data to enable commerce, ensure a personalised experience, and enable digital economies.

What data resides in a streaming video

Applications that perform stream processing can also create storage and integrate with video streams. These can use open-source or platform-based solutions. The application will typically use a broker-message queue architecture. Most extract, transform and load (ETL) tools can interactively query data streams, transform, aggregate, and filter to create aggregated data storage. This can be used to build insights and distribute them for consumption to the enterprise visualisation and integration layers. Video streams have metadata as part of the container, including content quality of service (QOS) data, content characteristics like title, composer, genre, encoding parameters, and digital rights management (DRM). The content can also have contextual metadata derived from audio and video analysis using proprietary cognitive libraries or open computer vision libraries.

Video Analytics by Industry

Public Sector

Local governments are always entwined between costs of service and quality of service to be provided to citizens. Surveillance for the security of counties and policing events and public places is enabled and eased with cognitive analysis. It improves operational efficacy to get insights, as well as search and record.

Public grievances can be addressed online, and assessment of the social condition can be done taking the help of computer vision from recorded sessions. This can help in social counsel, health monitoring and record-keeping of citizen social data.


Taxpayer engagement is the most pertinent process for video/audio streaming. Not just as a touchpoint via bot or a voice software to listen to customer QRC (query/request/complaint), but also as a means for future ‘tax chat’ for advice, review of returns, problem-solving and e-filing.

Another critical aspect for tax authorities to be future-ready is having a task force with a high level of specific skills and is upskilled from time to time. Video-based HR assessments and training are making this task time optimised and enabling better hiring and development.


In media, the saleable commodity being a streaming video makes it the most in line with AI and video analysis. AI and computer vision on content enable easy access, contextualised search, and programmatic ad buys. Linear TV and OTT can search live streaming or broadcasting video with specific objects, celebrities, places, and contexts and place targeted advertisements at the right time for the right viewership.

From security surveillance carried out by government bodies to monitoring the quality of a product in for private sector industries, the scope for analysing video data is vast and bound to get even more comprehensive in years to come. InvenioLSI is a system integrator with a solid presence, robust solutions and deep domain expertise in the public sector. InvenioLSI Digital Services is creating unique offerings bolstered by strong partnerships in cloud, data and analytics, integration, and UI/UX - learn more here.

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