Key takeaways from the Police Strategy Forum 2021

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Kannan Jayaraman

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3 Nov, 2021

A very big thank you to those who contributed to the Police Forum this October in the Cotswolds. With delegates from Port authorities, Policing commissioner groups to constabulary authorities, the two-day yearly event is designed to create discussion around the latest thinking on existing and upcoming challenges for the UK law enforcement.

With fascinating insights into issues which drive the industry and behavioural trends, it was a time to brainstorm how the latest technology can help make a real impact on society.

The real and everyday impact of dated systems

The keynote speakers quickly made it clear the policing workforce currently operate on disparate, disconnected, and manual systems which are long overdue an upgrade. The current systems create siloed data and a lack of transparency across departments which can have devastating effects on how and when victims get help. For example, 85% of victims sought assistance five times from professionals in the year before they received effective help to stop the abuse.

The cascading impact of vulnerable citizens

Citizens who feel disconnected to society due to unemployment, struggling with poverty and crime, with no opportunities, are more vulnerable to domestic violence, child abuse, other crimes, and even radicalisation. I learnt that the police officer, health worker, or social care professional can quickly spot patterns with the aid of appropriate trusted technology - they can direct appropriate resources towards at-risk individuals sooner. However, true multi agency collaboration still needs more work.

I learnt its time to stop the cascading impact of vulnerability. With the help of technology, it’s time to open up silos of data, allow easy collaboration between departments to increase chances of early intervention – Every Life Matters.

Connected systems & data is the future

Local and regional government, police forces and healthcare departments will continue to struggle to manage and make sense of increasing amounts of data that reside in numerous places. If there was one cloud-based platform this would considerably help the overburdened local public services to do more with less. Employing this technology increases the chances to get the right outcome, first time, on the victim’s first request.

Centralised information together on one centralised platform is immediately revealing. Connected data means you don’t have to search in numerous systems or reinvent because you will have faster access to up-to-date information – mobilised.

The insights, collaboration and inspired thinking that the Police Strategy forum creates is an invaluable platform to help solve some of this industries’ most pressing issues. I look forward to seeing you all at next year’s forum!

Learn more on ‘Predictive technology: helping law enforcement to detect crime and keep communities safe.

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