LSI Grow: Class of Summer 2021

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Marissa Dorros

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15 Sep, 2021

Picture this: You've spent the past few months studying for expensive online certifications. You're scouring the depths of LinkedIn, searching for open positions. And then you see it. Again. The dreaded "entry-level" position that calls for 6+ years of work experience.

LSI, an Invenio Company strives to eliminate this barrier of entry for SAP newcomers.

In March 2019, we created a training program that targets a key demographic: our future generation of SAP consulting experts. From recent college graduates to professionals who are making a career transition, LSI Grow is committed to the development of our program recruits. Through this program, Associate Consultants can learn from subject matter experts and learn firsthand about SAP. The company has been in business for over 22 years and has amassed a comprehensive and vast database of proprietary knowledge that our leaders are eager to share.

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Early in the LSI Grow onboarding process, our program coordinators pair each Associate Consultant with a mentor. Through this mentorship, along with the support of other senior colleagues, the mentees develop a deeper, more tailored understanding of a particular area of SAP. This individualized training prepares them to actively contribute to client projects and begin working hand-in-hand with the customer.

While they gain the knowledge to succeed in their current Associate roles, the program also equips them with the skills that will help them to expand their opportunities in the company. Tim Carlin remarks of his mentee, “He has an impressive ability to take on areas of expertise he was not familiar with and run with them.”

Since its inception, the Grow program itself has evolved immensely, exponentially growing in size and expanding into more modules of SAP. This summer, we celebrated the largest cohort yet, with six graduates of the program.

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Their achievements thus far culminated in a graduation ceremony where they virtually celebrated alongside their mentors and coworkers. As the graduates continue to progress and harness their potential, the event marked a significant milestone in their SAP journeys. Tim McCready shares of one graduate, “He’s learned a lot and continues to impress each week.” Tim also raves about another graduate, explaining that he has “written several complex functional specs that really highlight how much he's learned in a short period of time.”

LSI Grow cultivates the talent of junior employees like these six, resulting in passionate employees who feel confident in their abilities and are invested in their work. As a result, these employees better align with their teams, improve business processes, and ultimately deliver greater results for our customers. Tim McCready reveals of an Associate Consultant, “He has stepped up and really led the effort toward the creation of Admissions test scripts and training materials, saving his team a tremendous amount of time.”

The graduates have made their mark on numerous LSI, An Invenio Company projects including the State of Nevada, DOTH, University of Tennessee, Air University, and Penn State University. Tim Carlin reflects upon another Associate Consultant's impact, sharing, “He expanded his skills in networking and cybersecurity tools which have benefited multiple customers.”

Congratulations to our LSI Grow class of Summer 2021!

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