Take a Look Inside LSI Grow: An Interview with Dave Carlin

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Marissa Dorros

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26 Feb, 2021

Dave Carlin is a recent graduate of LSI Grow—our SAP training program—and current Cloud Hosting and Support Associate Consultant. We caught up with Dave to share his insights on the life of a Grow Consultant.

While pursuing his Business Administration degree, Dave had an internship doing cloud consulting. After four years in banking, he craved a more stimulating career and recognized his true passion for the technical work that he was immersed in as an intern. To pave the way for his return to a technical career, Dave pursued his AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification. He explains, “I wanted to enhance my knowledge, and that’s why IT interested me. It’s constantly changing.” Dave continues, “What drove me here was the Grow program.”

LSI Grow helps Associate Consultants to launch their SAP careers and sets them up for success. Nearly one year later, Dave continues to epitomize this core mission. We asked Dave what accomplishment he is most proud of from his past year as a Grow Consultant. He says, “Getting my AWS Solutions Architect certification was big.”

Dave is an active member of the System Administration Team for the State of Nevada. As the system is hosted in the AWS environment, Dave’s certifications are critical and are being put to good use.

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Experiential learning, a key element of the Grow program, comes full circle; Dave shares of what he learned, “I was able to implement more deeply; I got a better understanding of using AWS.”

Graduates of the program, like all LSI an Invenio Company employees, continue to benefit from LSI’s investment in employee career growth. For Dave, this means pursuing Azure Fundamentals, Azure Administrator Associate and SAP S/4HANA Fundamentals.

Outside of LSI, Dave records pop music under his stage name “Hazel Bloom.” He spends the rest of his free time snowboarding, skateboarding, and dabbling with the stock market.

We asked Dave how he would describe the culture of LSI Grow, and he used the term “close-knit.” He explains, “everyone is friendly, open, and shares a similar mindset” of improving the operation of public sector organizations and the lives of the people that touch them.

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