Policing the UK and capitalising on budgetary spend: research from the Police Strategy Forum 2021

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Kannan Jayaraman

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14 Mar, 2022

Declining public trust, a global pandemic, increased cybercrime, and heightened terrorist activity is all testing the UK Police Force. With increasing social inequality it’s only likely that policing Britain’s streets will become increasingly difficult in the years ahead. Influencers and financial decision-makers are seeing data as the best way to navigate these emerging challenges, to enable them to continue to deliver a police force capable of protecting UK citizens and its workforce.

In a recent survey carried out at the Police Strategy Forum in October 2021, we asked 174 leadership personnel and budget holders how they expected their budgets to be spent over the coming 18-months in support of the achievement of the Police Force’s objectives. Of those who took part in our research, 63% of respondents were major influencers, whilst 37% of respondents were key strategic decision-makers.

46% of those who took part in the 2021 survey expected spend on big data analysis to increase as police forces become increasingly aware of how AI can both help to improve service delivery and free up critical resources that could be channelled elsewhere.

However, spend on big data analysis wasn’t the top technological priority. There was one priority where a greater percentage of respondents felt spend would be prioritised given the challenges that the police force is currently facing: the enablement of staff through digital knowledge, skills, and tools.

Upskilling staff on their use of technology enables the Police Force to get more out of both their staff and their technology spend, but by training staff to use technology effectively they can also make incremental savings through increased efficiencies and improved job satisfaction.

Anticipating increased spend for Artificial Intelligence

A surprising finding of the survey was that there was only a lukewarm reception for AI within solving crimes. In our eBook ‘Embracing technology to meet the changes faced in policing the UK today’ invenioLSI consultants who specialise in ERP migration for police forces and public authorities consider the reasons behind this response, and the knock-on cost of delaying this adoption.

Our survey also revealed that, for the majority of police forces, those in control of budget allocation feel that consolidating their various platforms into a single, overarching solution is undeniably part of a long-term strategic plan. However, with a rapid time to value, and the opportunity to derive instant cost savings and efficiency gains, many police forces would benefit from earlier integration of such a solution.

You can read more about the survey and how influencers and leaders within the Police anticipate spending in the coming 18-months in our eBook ‘Embracing technology to meet the changes faced in policing the UK today’.

Or, to find out how the adoption of a single, overarching ERP solution could support your police force in achieving its objectives and KPIs, contact us today at info@inveniolsi.com.

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