Protect your citizen’s data from cyber risk with SAP RISE

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26 Apr, 2023

In the public sector, data drives so much. But a failure to link data or to retrieve data that exists can cause substantial problems for public sector organisations and those they serve.  

In 2021, a Sophos survey found that 6 out of 10 UK public sector organisations found themselves targeted in a ransomware attack. Nearly three-quarters of these attacks were successful, resulting in a data breach.   

Data encryption isn’t just inconvenient for a public sector organisation. In the public sector, a lack of control or access to your data can be dangerous, even life-threatening for citizens. It can lead to delays in much-needed support or care or put people at risk if personal identifiable information (PII) falls into the wrong hands. It can damage financial stability, leaving organisations unable to collect taxes, payments, or fines which, in itself, can have severe consequences.   

This same research found that only 20% of public sector organisations were able to stop such attacks before data was breached. On average, across all sectors, around 31% of attacks would be stopped pre-encryption, which shows that public sector systems are desperately in need of enhanced protection.   

In addition to data protection, the public sector, with its diversity of services, faces a slew of challenges as it strives to meet the constantly evolving demands placed on it. Outdated technology hampers efforts, slowing processes and adding a heightened risk of data leaks and security breaches - for which local government organisations are accountable.   

In response, it's critical that public sector organisations reconsider how they are safeguarding data to protect personally identifiable data (PII) and the data which drives service delivery.   

This is where RISE with SAP comes in.  


RISE with SAP explained 

In early 2021, RISE with SAP was launched. Designed to streamline digital transformation, RISE bundles a collection of tools and services to accelerate cloud adoption, all in one contract. In doing so, RISE  removes the guesswork and piecemeal license purchases from enterprise planning.   

As a cloud software service, SAP RISE bundles the Ariba Network, SAP Asset Intelligence Network, and SAP Logistics Business Network (with the purchase of a license) to smooth digital transformation.   

However, making digital transformation easier isn’t the only benefit of RISE with SAP. It also equips organisations to protect their data against cybercrime.   

An uprising of smarter data protection 

RISE with SAP enables organisations to access the most recent transactional data and collaborate seamlessly and securely across networks. RISE with SAP delivers a scalable cloud service with automated security scans, cloud security posture management, security orchestration, automation, and response, alongside SAP Cyber Threat Intelligence to enhance defensive controls. This offers substantial value to the public sector, with strengthened protection of citizen data, and assured compliance to data protection and security audits. 

SAP security policies follow industry best practices, derived from ISO 27002 and NIST, utilising robust policies, processes, and procedures, and secure architecture covering cloud applications for information security, data protection, and service delivery. With a risk-based strategy, SAP implements thorough, verified, and documented security controls. These controls can collect and forward logs to security experts, while keeping your organisation up to date with real-time alerts. With this type of insight, organisations can act faster to secure data in the event of suspicious activity and mitigate the risk of losing business-critical data or PII.   

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