UK Public Sector: Are you ready for SAP RISE?

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Shailendra Rajput

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29 May, 2023

Poorly connected, dated legacy systems are commonplace within most UK public sector organisations. And, while the pandemic has accelerated the public sector's acceptance of technology, there is still much ground to be covered. 

As is often the case with knee-jerk responses to a crisis, many public sector organisations find themselves trying to meet the demands of citizens in a more challenging landscape, with bolt-ons slowing down technology built for a world that existed a decade ago. A world that was pre-pandemic and pre-deepfakes; one where cloud computing was seen as an ‘edgy’ alternative to portable hard drives.  

A growing population, increasing demand for support and greater complexity of needs are creating the perfect storm and the only way to weather it is to harness the power of modern technology.  

However, despite the very clear need to evolve, many public sector organisations are overloaded to the extent that they struggle to put their head above the parapet, to take the time to step back and consider what’s needed and the best way to achieve it. And, for those who are able to find the time, the comfort and familiarity of making do with legacy systems may seem more appealing than taking on extensive replacement programs and complicated roll-outs.  

However, this risk-averse behaviour means government organisations are missing out on the immense benefits that digital transformation has to offer. Cost benefits, time-saving benefits, and even collaborative benefits that could facilitate improved service delivery are all for the taking. And, with RISE with SAP, digital transformation can be much faster and easier to implement.  

What is RISE with SAP?  

RISE with SAP is a convenient solution to digital transformation without the stress, complexity and risk. RISE with SAP is a Business Transformation-as-a-Service (BTaaS) solution designed to provide public sector employees with the tools to conduct business processes efficiently.  

RISE with SAP bundles together all the required components for digital transformation, placing it conveniently under the umbrella of a single contract. In doing so, it will free up time and energy from already over-stretched public sector organisations.  

RISE with SAP can transform organisational operations with multiple in-built services and capabilities. It removes the mundane process of signing a variety of software application licenses with various parties, identifying a hyperscaler — Microsoft, Amazon, Google— and hiring application providers for implementation and management services.  

 What's inside the RISE with SAP parcel?  

RISE with SAP includes: 

S/4HANA – the backbone of any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution and a critical component for successful digital transformation.  

Hyperscaler – your choice of hyperscaler: AWS, Azure, Google cloud platform or Alibaba Cloud. 

Business Technology Platform – a unified, business-centric open platform where customers can integrate applications, extensions, databases, analytical applications, and intelligent technologies. This is where the versatility and interaction with third-party software and intelligent technologies come in.  

And then adds: 

SAP Business Process Intelligence Suite - the digital core of SAP S/4 HANA that captures end-to-end processes in Finance, Logistics, Human Resources and Project systems. This enables the organisation to continuously monitor and improve business processes through automation and innovation. 

SAP Business Network - This includes the Ariba Network, SAP Asset Intelligence Network, and SAP Logistics Business Network (with a separate license) as Cloud software services. It allows seamless interaction with supply chain partners and vendors and makes business operations transparent and straightforward.  

How RISE with SAP improves outcomes for public sector organisations 

So, how does this improve processes, save money and time, and deliver improved outcomes for public sector organisations?  

  • HR activities can be performed in a more streamlined manner. SAP’s powerful processing, combined with a bundle of valuable HR tools, it helps public sector organisations harness the best from their workforce and optimise their employee experience, delivering improved motivation, lower churn rates and saving on recruitment and training costs.  

    Achieve a seamless migration with a clear view of how your organisation currently looks, enabling a seamless migration to the new environment with Collaborative Enterprise planning with SAP Analytics Cloud.   
  • Exercise improved control of complex processes like money management, liquidity, risk management and integrated financial reporting. 
  • Enhance control over your real estate assets with portfolio analysis and investment tracking to reduce the risk in projects and maintain control over expenses and revenues.  
  • establish process governance, automate repetitive workflows, share task lists with relevant stakeholders across the organization and send email reminders with Signavio Workflow Accelerator. 
  • Benchmark your performance against industry peers based on data collected from across the customer base and receive recommendations on how to transform current operations to attain performance targets with AP Process Insights reports.  


How can you prepare for RISE with SAP?  

With all of these services delivered under one single contract, RISE with SAP removes much of the pressure, complexity and risk involved in digital transformation. However, there is no replacement for strategically planning the transformation process, and there are a number of things you can do in advance of embarking on digital transformation.  

  1. Evaluate your environment. A successful migration is only possible when you understand both your start point and the endpoint you need to achieve. Commit time to understanding your environment as this will help streamline the transition.  

  2. Get your team on board. You can only make a fully informed decision to adopt any platform with a complete understanding of what is needed. Educate your team on what RISE with SAP offers. Not only will this help you identify needs more effectively, but it will also help with gain acceptance during roll-out.  

  3. Think strategically about whether Cloud ERP is the right option for you. Cloud ERP system is key to RISE with SAP offering, but this will not suit every organisation.  

For more information on the extensive benefits available when switching to RISE with SAP, and how invenioLSI can streamline your digital transformation for a seamless transition, download our whitepaper: RISE with SAP: Unlock greater value from your SAP investment

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