Code Assessment

Analyze your code, improve performance, and align it with business goals. Our experts conduct Code Assessments by combining metrics with deep analysis to help you improve code quality, code security, code governance, and the use of SAP tools and best practices.

We can help you retire unwanted custom code to enable smoother maintenance, migrations and upgrades. Together, let’s build a tailored plan and set up the capabilities your business needs for continual code improvement.


Business benefits

Achieve optimization in code, processes, and resource

Use SAP tools, methods and best practices

Unbiased expert guidance on recommendations

Remove unwanted code to save storage and governance costs


Scope of assessment

  • Custom code and impact analysis

  • Code governance and lifecycle management

  • Code compliance and security standards

  • SAP Code Inspector checks

  • Unicode check

  • Determination of enhancements

  • Quality of custom code

  • Performance driven and business criticality checks

  • Usage logging and code removal