What is GovOne?

The GovOne solution is a template and reference solution for public sector built on top of the SAP S/4 HANA platform that delivers real-time reporting and analytics across all major business processes.

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Benefits of GovOne:

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The customer receives a proper demonstration in the GovOne system of the different SAP processes. This gives them a real feel for the system and enables them to see the functions and the capabilities that they will have at the end of the implementation. 
Implementation cost and effort are far lower since the system has many preconfigured settings which can be altered if needed.

It enables greater use of standard functionality. Where invenioLSI has already worked out solutions to the typical problems faced by public sector clients, the amount of custom development needed is reduced, which brings down the maintenance cost and effort required

The system is intuitively designed for people who work in the government or Higher Education institutions, the solutions are geared towards the specific needs of users within that sector. 

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