Assessments & Roadmapping

Organizations today are planning their digital journeys transforming business models, re-engining business processes, and reimagining work

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If you want to make changes to your business, an assessment will give you the facts and direction you need to make it happen.

invenioLSI Assessments are designed to help you define where you’re going and the best way to get there. Our experts provide a holistic view of your current landscape and capabilities, measure how your IT environment is performing, and offer specialist guidance to help you achieve your goals.

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Business benefits

Access specialist expertise to drive short-term and long-term goals

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

Resolve key pain points across processes and operations

Unbiased feedback and recommendations to build a clear future roadmap


Highlight innovations that may help you plan and implement your digital journey. Span products relevant to lines of business in your industry and explain how our innovations may add value to your business. In our road maps, you can learn about our innovations along four different timelines: 

Recent innovations for our products that have been launched in the past weeks or months and can already be purchased 

Planned innovations for our products that are intended to be launched in the short term or midterm

Product direction, providing a long-term perspective on high-level development plans for innovations for our solutions-inspired by your requirements 

Product vision, providing a high-level and long-term business perspective on innovations for our product

My role is to manage the technical consultancy function at invenioLSI. I have a passion for SAP development tools and creating solutions that delight customers. My team define the architecture of new systems and create a new invenioLSI products.
Naveen Agarwal
Chief Technology Officer

Our methodology

We can help you align your IT strategy with your vision, focusing on both, your business’s technical and operational needs. Our experts will assess and evaluate your current state, processes, data, technologies, and governance, before proposing a future roadmap.


We look at a customer scenario...

  • Ask questions and share surveys
  • Understand the information given
  • Develop clarification queries
  • List all possible options for initial solutioning



We plan a workshop with your team...

  • Understand customer expectations
  • Gather all business requirements
  • Get a holistic view of current landscape, covering all aspects


Based on information shared, we provide our final recommendation report:

  • Future roadmap strategy
  • Pros and cons of options available
  • Timelines
  • Cost benefit and risk analysis


  • Recommendation report
  • Vision
  • Roadmap strategy

Our assessments


Get a holistic view of your technology, identify opportunities, reduce risks, and make more informed decisions.

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Code Assessement

Analyze your code, improve performance, and align it with business goals.

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Business Process Assessment

Designed to mitigate inefficiencies, improve productivity, and substantially reduce overheads.

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Landscape Assessment

Ensure your IT landscape is operating at optimum levels, and enable maximum return for your business.

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Migration Assessment

Choose the right approach to implement a scalable system and create a tailored future roadmap.

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Roadmap Assessment

Identify your business's priorities, demonstrate how you can cater to those specific needs, and define an implementation approach.

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