Procure-to-Pay (P2P) for Media

Manage your unique media-specific procurement processes.

How we can help

Media companies have a complex network of freelancers, agencies and suppliers, providing vital services, which keep their businesses running. Our P2Pay solution, built on SAP, makes financial management easier and business analysis more meaningful.

We enable your suppliers to manage their relationship with you - from new registrations, quotations and proposals, to querying work orders, and submitting invoices.


How P2P can benefit your business:

Drive automated efficiencies and reduce internal processes by up to 90%.

Real-time reporting for more accurate forecasting and deep data analysis.

Manage and automate all your procurement data in one place for a single source of truth.

Use custom workflows and detailed audit trails to enforce policies, governance, and compliance.

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Adding business Value

Controlling finances, approving hierarchies, and meeting compliance is a constant battle for media companies. Our Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solution drastically reduces purchasing costs and the administrative burden on your resources.


  • A multi-currency solution enables global businesses to manage all currencies in one interface
  • Multi-language portals for global users to access a localized user interface
  • Managing unlimited global suppliers and purchasers
  • Fully GAAP compliant globally


  • Introduce fully paperless invoice processing
  • Drastically reduce internal processes including data entry, order matching, and approval processes
  • Use automated processes with cross-checking features to simplify reconciliations


  • Automatically enforce compliance and adherence to group purchasing strategies
  • Capture audit trails containing all user activity at every stage of the purchase
  • Accommodate prescriptive policies with custom workflows

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