SAP BASIS Services

Safeguarding while optimizing your SAP landscape.

Improve system agility and reduce business risks

A specialist BASIS support team will give you the peace of mind that your complex SAP landscape system is up to date, runs uninterrupted, and provides optimal performance. Our invenioLSI BASIS service will provide a reliable 24/7 quick response team to improve the system’s performance and agility, while reducing business risks.


How we can help

We’ll deliver a wide range of tasks from daily monitoring, maintenance and SAP archiving, to Cloud BASIS, upgrade preparation and disaster recovery:

Landscape Optimization

  • Hardware sizing and resizing
  • Identify single points of failure and enabling High Availability (HA)
  • Database growth trend analysis
  • Manage storage space requirements
  • Identify scalability options

SAP Best Practices

  • Develop a Transport Management Strategy
  • Create and maintain a backup strategy
  • Build system copy and refresh procedures
  • Develop installation, upgrade and migration strategies
  • Effective use of SAP service reports – Early Watch Alerts (EWA), Security Optimization Services (SOS)

Performance Tuning

  • SAP Memory and CPU configuration
  • Operating systems and database storage
  • Network compatibility checks for SAP setup to fine tune performance
  • Operating systems and database performance techniques


  • Identify areas of automation
  • Implement start and stop scripts
  • Implement system refresh pre and post steps
  • Diagnostic agent installations
  • Kernel upgrades
  • Monitoring and alerts

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