SAP Security Optimization Services

Improve your SAP systems security.

Secure your environment and run your business with greater efficiency and confidence

In today’s world of digitization, system security has never been more important. As more systems are online and integrating to create an agile ecosystem, this can leave companies vulnerable to exploitation. invenioLSI has the experience you need to protect your business systems and data against unwelcome interruptions.


SAP Security Optimization

Using the best tools from SAP and years of enterprise level security experience, our consultants will review your SAP landscape and devise an implementation strategy to revamp your security design.

Our service includes:

Security Assessment

Assess the need for role revamping, security threats and Penetration Testing Security Audit

Code Vulnerability Analyzer

Perform security checks on custom ABAP code integrated with ABAP Test Cockpit

Tools and Services

  • Early Watch Alert reports
  • SOS reports
  • Configuration validation
  • System recommendations

SAP Best Practices

  • Apply security notes
  • SAP patching
  • Implement SAP governance, risk, and compliance

How we can help

invenioLSI offers a wide range of services to ensure we provide the best security for your business.

SAP Security

  • User and identity management
  • Authentication and single sign-on
  • Custom code security checks
  • SAP patch management
  • Data encryption and masking
  • Session security protection
  • SAML protection
  • Web application firewall
  • Integration with security information and event management (SIEM) tools

SAP HANA Security

  • Applying HANA security patches
  • Multi-tenant database containers (MDC) – database isolation
  • Network and communication security
  • User management authentication and single sign-on
  • Data storage security
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Audit management
  • Certificate management

SAP Governance Risk and Compliance

  • Process control
  • Audit management
  • Access risk analysis
  • Access request management
  • Emergency access management
  • User access review

Cloud Security (SAP on AWS, Azure, GCP)

  • Data protection
  • Identity access management
  • Storage security
  • HANA/Sybase database security
  • Security logging and monitoring
  • Network security
  • Virtual machines security groups

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