Subscription & Distribution

Make your planning, delivery and distribution more efficient. Increase your ad revenue.

How effective is your digital content monetization?

We help media companies implement intelligent IT capabilities to enhance the management of digital subscriptions. With the right technology, we can help you achieve enhanced efficiencies and greater transparency across your business, and boost your revenues.

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How we can help you monetize your content

Greater agility

Get new offers and pricing plans rolled out seamlessly and at speed

Tight security access

Lock content down and offer tight security access so the right content is delivered to the right people

Built-in bundling

Reduce marketing costs with built-in bundling magazine functionality

How Subscription & Distribution can benefit your business:


Plan according to demand

Plan more precisely according to market demand using accurate sales forecasts and figures.

Enhance customer experiences

Create a centralized view of users and enhance your online relationship by delivering tailored content and personalized offers.

Better revenue forecasting

Use accurate forecasting and recurring billing to improve your ability to cross-sell and up-sell and boost your revenue.

Recognize subscription revenues

Accurately recognize revenue for complex subscriptions with better reporting capabilities.

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