Tax Revenue Management (TRM) and Debt Analytics

Making tax management and collection easier and faster for tax officers and citizens.

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Actionable insights, driven by digital solutions

Tax authorities around the world are going through a period of digital transformation. Whether it’s to implement taxpayer risk profiling, increase citizen engagement, reduce the cost of debt collection or prevent fraud, data is at the center of all of these challenges.

When governments have access to the right information, they can implement successful tax strategies. When they have actionable insight-driven digital solutions, they have the power to personalize those strategies, improve voluntary compliance and make informed decisions about their future.

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Our AI analytics and data capabilities:

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Improve Voluntary Tax Compliance

Insight driven technology empowers tax authorities to identify who pays on time, to what level of intervention they respond, and how well existing services and systems in place operate. The data is used to re-calculate behaviour models and risk profiles and predict future behaviours and patterns, enabling tax authorities to tailor their approach to individual taxpayers, encouraging voluntary compliance at earlier stages of the tax lifecycle.


How Affirmative Scoring reduces fraud and risk in tax compliance

More public sector organizations are using analytics to gain deeper insights and provide better customer service. However, making such a step change in handling issues with public sector services requires the current approach to be turned on its head. Instead of public sector analytics focused on high-risk customers, the emphasis needs to be on identifying the other set. With Affirmative Scoring, you can do just that.


Our approach

Our approach at invenioLSI is to create an actionable insight-driven transformation approach, enabling organizations to manage datasets ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Our methodology automates the entire data analysis workflow, providing more efficient and comprehensive insights. Our experts can help you address unique business challenges, while adding real business value, using our unique invenioLSI approach.

Business Value Driven Digital Transformation

invenioLSI has 20+ years of experience serving high-profile public sector authorities, including tax authorities around the globe. We've helped build and refine their business processes, build new tax and revenue collection services and optimize solutions to give both taxpayers and government employees an intuitive, efficient tax portal. 

Here are more ways we help governments with their analytics needs:

Core TRM analytic dashboards

Reducing the cost of tax collection

Intervention strategies for debt collection

360-degree view of citizens to engage digitally and improve user experience

Fraud and risk in handling benefits

Demonstrating the value of innovation through AI/DS/ML and data

The invenioLSI  Innovation Lab

Our Innovation Lab is designed to de-risk deployments and create a fast-track route to provide proof-of-value to global businesses.

We work collaboratively with our clients through a Design Thinking process and co-create solutions specifically for each company. We accelerate the creation processes and think creatively based on our industry and IT knowledge.

It provides the foundation for our think big, start small, scale fast approach. Book a consultancy session using the box at the bottom of the page to find out more.


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