Future proofing the utility sector.

How can digital transformation deliver safer, more agile utilities?

All across the globe, utilities providers keep our modern world working. However, Utilities face complex challenges such as, ever changing government regulations, decarbonization, and the threat of severe weather and cyberattacks. These challenges are further complicated when the digital landscape used is outdated and flawed.   

At invenioLSI, we can modernize the aging legacy systems with new cutting-edge SAP software, enabling our Utility customers to react swiftly to these challenges, while also planning for the future. Therefore, allowing them to be more prepared for when unprecedented challenges present themselves. 



Changing Energy Regulations

Energy regulations are ever changing, for example Distrubuted Energy Resources (DER) requires energy providers to change the way they perform billing, as some customers now house their own energy providers via solar, wind, etc.


The push to sustainable energy means that utility providers require greater insight into their exciting data with in depth analytics so they reach this goal.

Severe Weather Threats

Maintaining a secure energy grid is vital, but with weather becoming more severe the impact of the energy grid can be catastrophic. With streamlined business technology transformation, we can make the response to these threats easier, so you can work faster and smarter.

Outdated Technology

Old antiquated technology weighs down business process but can also leave the energy grid susceptible to cybercrime. With cyberattacks on the rise in this new age of warfare, it is of the utmost importance that every measure is taken to create a secure technology landscape.



Business transformation begins with understanding the existing legacy systems, whether you are upgrading a current SAP system or starting fresh, we will tailor the best combinations of technology offerings for your unique situation.

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