The invenioLSI Academy

Creating and nurturing remarkable talent.


We’ve established the invenioLSI Academy to respond to the rapidly changing technology horizon, market requirements and customer needs.

invenioLSI Academy initiatives

Learning and development

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, the digital transformation journey involves continuous learning and improvement. The academy offers specialized programs to help you climb the different stages and gain the right level of expertise. There are many courses to help you combine the right skills, knowledge and experience so you can progress to the next level.

invenioLSI certification programs

The academy encourages you to work on the latest tools and technologies to ensure you’re well-equipped to deliver high performance outputs in your current and future roles. These programs are co-designed with subject matter experts (SMEs) to advance your knowledge and skills across specific areas which are exclusive to invenioLSI.

Leadership capability building

The academy initiatives under this category are focused on embedding leaders throughout the organization.

Each program focuses on:

  • Gauging leadership potential
  • Cultivating the mindset, behaviour and organizational knowledge required to drive performance
  • Building required leadership skills to help others and the company succeed

Key features


Offered across our global offices aligned with our vision and business strategy


Blended learning methods which are scalable and continuously evolving

Varied Learning

Research-based, experiential and future-focused initiatives


Access to seamless experiences through online platforms and communities

How it all works


  • Certification programs
  • Programs to help undergraduates and graduates to transition into the workforce
  • Diverse learning content and programs which cater to individuals needs
  • Facilitate external certifications

Training approach

  • 40% facilitator-led learning
  • 30% self-learning and peer-learning
  • 30% experiential learning


  • Self-assessment/ pre-assessment prior to intervention
    • Knowledge-based evaluation (quiz, tests)
    • Comprehension-based evaluation (projects, use cases, demos)
    • Learning level demonstration (presentations)
  • Assessments during the program;
  • Post-assessment and self-assessment


  • Demonstrations, learning systems with multiple scenarios and available use cases, to can learn, practice and develop
  • Access to cohorts for peer learning and mentoring for continuous learning
  • Use knowledge communities and our knowledge management platform for referencing and learning advancement

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