Employee Spotlight: Saurabh Gupta

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3 May, 2024

We’d like you to meet Saurabh Gupta, who we are celebrating in a well-deserved Employee Spotlight feature for his rigor and dedication to leadership. We’ve had the pleasure of having Saurabh as an employee, leading teams to success and offering his expertise in diverse areas. Saurabh embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines our company culture, and we’re delighted to share his impressive journey.  

 What is your current role and what are you responsible for? 

As the TRM Lead Consultant at invenioLSI, I'm currently collaborating with Capgemini, supporting the HMRC in the UK. My role is pivotal in ensuring the success of our project and delivering value to our esteemed client. 

I conduct workshops to identify gaps in Business Requirements Documents, facilitating optimal solutions, providing technical assistance, and guiding the team in system design and development to align with business requirements. Furthermore, I actively engage in solution design, recommending improvements where applicable and overseeing testing processes to guarantee the quality and reliability of our deliverables. Client interaction and management are integral parts of my responsibilities, ensuring our solutions are tailored to their requirements. My role extends to team development, where I coach and mentor team members and actively participate in recruitment to identify resources with the requisite skill sets. 

Why did you choose a career in your field of work? 

As a Chartered Accountant, taxation and finance have always been at the core of my professional interests. However, it was the integration of these fields with technology that truly ignited my career trajectory. Transitioning into an IT company like invenioLSI, deeply involved in the Software Development Lifecycle, felt like a natural progression. Here, I could apply my taxation and finance background while immersing myself in the dynamic world of technology. 

Why did you choose invenioLSI 

invenioLSI holds a special place in my heart since I joined as a fresher 7.5 years ago. Here, I have had immense opportunities to learn and grow, aligning with the company's vision of transformation and innovation. The cultureLEAP (10) here has always encouraged me to think outside the box and given me opportunities to explore diverse roles and projects across the Middle East and the UK, nurturing continuous personal growth. invenioLSI's passion for creativity fuels our collective journey toward excellence.  

What do you like about working at invenioLSI? 

Working at invenioLSI is a truly enriching experience due to its supportive and collaborative environment. Open communication, teamwork, and continuous learning are valued, fostering a dynamic workplace culture. The company provides ample opportunities for professional growth and development, offering access to cutting-edge technologies and ongoing training programs. 

What sets invenioLSI apart is its approachable leadership and familial atmosphere, where everyone's ideas and concerns are valued. This environment has allowed me to freely express myself and contribute meaningfully to projects. Throughout my tenure, I've had the chance to work on various TRM Implementation projects, honing my skills and expanding my knowledge. This continuous learning fulfills me personally and enhances my ability to support the team effectively. 

What makes invenioLSI unique? 

invenioLSI is a place where junior and senior employees have opportunities to learn and grow, creating a secure harbor for personal and professional development. It encourages individuals to embrace new challenges and step out of their comfort zones, fostering a culture of growth and innovation. Transparency and onsite learning opportunities further enrich our journey, allowing consultants to mentor and explore diverse technologies. 

Tell us something special about yourself 

I'm deeply passionate about learning new technologies and strive for perfection in everything I do. In my free time, I enjoy exploring cooking through YouTube or Instagram videos and experimenting with new cuisines. As an avid traveler, I love experiencing new cultures. Recently, I've developed an interest in lawn tennis. While I'm not a gym enthusiast, I prioritize staying active. Above all, I consider myself a soft-hearted individual, valuing empathy and compassion in all aspects of life. 

Saurabh is the guiding force that invenioLSI needs in a TRM Lead Consultant, caring genuinely for his team and our goals. Beyond Saurabh's expertise and dedication, his natural leadership shines through, along with his knack for problem-solving and inspiring others. His ability to adapt to any situation and commitment to improving means he's constantly finding new ways to excel. With Saraubah on board, invenioLSI is poised for continued success and we’re excited to see what he’ll accomplish next.  

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