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    Employee Spotlight

    5 Apr, 2023

    From MuleSoft Hackathon to International Journal: ...

    It took over six months of hard work and determination for invenioLSI employee Narayana Rallabandi, Senior Principal Architect, with the support of former employee Akash Singh and ...

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    24 May, 2022

    Employee Spotlight: Rick Miller on Changing ...

    From introducing ERP in preparation for Y2K to shaking up global business in a post-covid world, Rick Miller, VP of Analytics and Resource Management, is here to share with us how ...

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    14 Feb, 2022

    Employee Spotlight: Katy Quilter

    As our Human Resources Director of 15 years, Katy Quilter is a driving force behind invenioLSI’s progressive company culture and generous employee benefits package, along with ...

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    14 Dec, 2021

    Employee Spotlight: John Fast

    From Park Ranger to SAP Consultant Not all consultants follow the same trajectory, and John Fast is one example of someone whose path to becoming an SAP Consultant was not linear. ...

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    30 Sep, 2021

    Employee Spotlight: Libby Wilkins

    Growing up, Libby Wilkins devoted her time to classical ballet training and even earned a scholarship in New York when she was a junior in high school. As she eventually set aside ...

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