Supporting healthcare providers and improving patient care with digital transformation.

What is healthcare digital transformation?

Successful digital transformation recognizes that frontline staff are likely to offer many of the keenest insights on user needs that need to be addressed -  those of both patients and service users, and their own. These are usually uncovered and addressed by making frontline staff an essential part of a multidisciplinary delivery team rather than through occasional consultation. Digital transformation is best thought of as a combination of a mandate (from the top of an organization) and a movement, from within the organization, at all levels.


Digital transformation in healthcare can help keep more people healthier for longer

More sophisticated use of data will enable earlier interventions and upstream prevention of avoidable illnesses. This has already started with the development of predictive analytics and risk stratification. 


How we can help

At invenioLSI, it's our mission to empower the Public Sector with enabling processes and technology to serve the citizen with customer excellence whilst defending and protecting our communities. We can help with:

  • Improving patient safety and experience through machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Fully integrating care - primary and social care working together

  • Creating a digital-ready workforce

  • Improving performance against access - EPR, patient flow and analytics

  • Using technology to create an agile health system

  • Population health - using data to protect and prevent

How we work

Define & Strategize
Implement & Establish
Integrate & Prepare
Engage & Measure

invenioLSI approach to innovate

Accessing and leveraging insights can facilitate a use-case driven approach based on business outcomes.


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