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As part of the transformation to economic and social recovery, it’s clear that now is the time to act on new and collaborative digital strategies. These must be innovative and digitally optimized services. These should set the vision for change, a new set of values, and an ambition to use digital to create connected and inclusive communities.

This approach will help deliver better agile working practices and community engagement for the benefit of employees, employers, and citizens.

Public sector industries

We've helped public sector organizations across the board including:

State and Local Government

Setting the pace for digital innovation, service optimisation, and social inclusion. 

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Supporting the healthcare industry and those who deliver health and human services to drive improvements in cost and quality, innovations and outcomes. 

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Delivering digital transformation to provide a harmonised system to manage data and support a curriculum for a socially networked community. 

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Supporting military and defense to rapidly identify the location, quantity, configuration, and mission readiness of equipment and resources. 

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Supporting utility organisations through streamlined business solutions fit for even the most complex processes. 

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Tax Authorities

Accelerating public sector digital transformation to create a data-driven tax authority, delivering better outcomes to taxpayers and the economy. 

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What our public sector clients say

“Our partnership with invenioLSI has helped position the university for success now, and for many years to come. The transition was managed efficiently, and the project team remained focused and engaged throughout the entire process.”
Michael Büsge
Senior Director of Enterprise Projects - Penn State University

Media and entertainment 

The media and entertainment industry has experienced more change in the last 5 years than in the preceding 20 years. The advent of streaming has brought new pressure to the industry and media organisations need to act now to unlock the full value of their content financial supply chain.

End-to-end digitalisation will enable media and entertainment organisations to optimise analytics for greater visibility of the end-to-end production lifecycle and tighter control across budgets. In doing so, they will be better placed to evolve with the market in response to viewers' expectations and meet the interests of wider stakeholders. 


Media & entertainment services and solutions

For over 20 years, we've been working with the world’s leading media and entertainment companies to save costs and maximise revenue potential by integrating systems to support better forecasting, more accurate decision-making, real-time reporting, and faster financial processing.

Invenio Content Financials

Gain end-to-end visibility across the production lifecycle with a tighter budget, spending, and cash flow control.  

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Invenio P2P

Reduce purchasing costs by up to 50% and manage rapid payment processing with a flexible and highly configurable workflow. 

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Financial Solutions

Create structured profitability reports and manage revenue recognition rights management finances, with ease. 

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Invenio Broadcast Management

Integrate and streamline your broadcasting process, to create new efficiencies.

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Invenio Ad Management

Manage your operations effectively to maximise ad revenue, and capitalise on dynamic markets.

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Subscription and Distribution

Make your planning, delivery and distribution more efficient. Increase your ad revenue.

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What our media clients say

invenioLSI is a reliable partner with an outstanding level of common sense and dedication.
Universal Music Group

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