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For over 21 years LSI has been advising our public sector clients on the latest and best in SAP technology.

We’ve overseen and implemented SAP technology across federal, state, and local government, healthcare, higher education, transportation, and life science organizations throughout the United States.

invenioLSI Grow Journey

While everyone’s journey at invenioLSI is singular, here’s a glimpse of what your Grow journey might look like.

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Meet your mentor

Meet your project team

Attend weekly team meetings

Take openSAP courses

Connect with your Grow colleagues

Attend customer meetings

Take part in discovery sessions

Train with LSI SME

Participate in group study

Attend complimentary SAP training

Present at team and/or customer meetings

Train end users


InvenioLSI Grow Testimonial

It was nice to take the concepts I learned and apply them...I'm able to enhance my skills while working with experienced consultants, who put me in real-world scenarios to help me learn on the job.
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Dave Carlin
invenioLSI Grow Alumni

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