Property Tax Management 

Reduce administrative burdens while managing the entire taxation, collection and distribution process.

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Increase efficiency and reduce administrative burdens with our property tax solution built on SAP.

Automate rate calculation, bill and invoice printing, document management, and accounts receivable generation while providing citizens with easy access, and confidence in the disbursement for applicable jurisdictions.

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A tax management solution fit for the future

The need for a modernized and more efficient property tax collection is essential for authorities wanting to provide more citizen-centric services, and those that require better reporting functions for transparency, and more accurate disbursements.

At present, disparate and siloed non-integrated tax systems; outdated homegrown legacy environments and highly customized systems that are no longer supported are holding back progress and limited efficiencies.  By automating key administrative functions that support the whole billing process, we can work with you to deliver a more citizen-centric tax solution, fit for the future. 


Key features of our property tax solution

As rates and taxpayer demands change, flexible solutions are needed to manage the taxation and parcel lifecycle. Our solution is built on SAP, to track property master data. This includes the capability of assigning property owners. It’s closely integrated with other components, such as SAP Public Sector Collection and Disbursement (PSCD) and SAP Tax and Revenue Management (TRM).

It enables tax officers to track the complete history of property owners for any given realty. Holding details about the parcels such as jurisdiction code, assessment value or lot sizes - it also enables automatic calculation of the property tax due. The calculation triggers the creation of accounting documents, and collection and enforcement activities are configurable such as risk assessments and scoring. This enables distribution and reporting to the appropriate tax jurisdiction to become more streamlined, while hosted in the cloud or on-premise.


Automate manual processes and operations while saving substantial time and effort.


Quickly identify the proper tax jurisdiction and applicable funds.


Real-time capabilities using SAP’s in-memory computing technology.

How we can help

Omni-channel access

Encourage taxpayer compliance and increase collections. Modern communication channels allow a more service-oriented approach to the taxpayer community.

Holistic taxpayer view and parcel lifestyle management

Automate the taxpayer and parcel lifecycle and enable tax collectors to increase revenue collections and compliance, while optimizing and extending internal procedures.

Full accounting integration

Enabling increased efficiency by providing an account overview of functions like the dunning history, taxpayer payments and granting of deferrals.

Embedded analytics to support collections

Acquire a better understanding of risks and insights into taxpayer and debtor profiles. This enables enhanced collection strategies and improves the efficiency of the collection departments as they interact with the taxpayer community.

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