Defense and Security

Evolve into an integrated, intelligent enterprise with network-centric defense and security principles.

At invenioLSI, we believe that conflict in the digital age requires a digital army that can relentlessly out-compete its adversaries, seamlessly integrate with partners and enable our people, equipment, and resources to operate with maximum efficiency. Underpinned by a digital backbone that delivers hyper-connectivity to leverage high quality, secure, and extensive data, all driven by a digitally talented workforce.

With an SAP ERP intelligent landscape at the core.


THEIA’s objectives

At invenioLSI, we're in full support of THEIA - and it's our mission to empower departments of defense (DOD) with tools to defend and protect our communities.

Adapting to a changing warfare - with cybercrime becoming a more prevalent form of warfare, the military must be prepared for these scenarios. Technology used by the military requires extra levels of security.

Personnel - maintaining recruits, and management and management and development of flexible organizations.

Updating outdated legacy technology.

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At invenioLSI we partner with federal contractors to provide unparalleled support and security.

We strive to develop the military supply chain of tomorrow, that will be a more intelligent, cloud based and a fully integrated system.

How we work

Define & Strategize
Implement & Establish
Integrate & Prepare
Engage & Measure