SAP Enterprise Asset Management

SAP Enterprise Asset Management  (EAM) to manage the full lifecycle of your physical assets.

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With SAP Intelligent Asset Management software you can improve asset health and performance

Take advantage of real-time insights, IoT, machine learning, mobility, and advanced and predictive analytics to maintain and service the performance of your organization's physical assets.


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Asset performance

  • Evaluation and estimation of risks
  • Tested reliability methodologies
  • Predictive maintenance based on AI

Field service

  • Scheduling and dispatching of workforce
  • Available analytics, reports, and dashboards
  • Mobile field service

Mobile EAM

  • Management of work order
  • Multiple devices compatibility
  • Mobile asset management

Asset tracking

  • Collaborative EAM
  • Centralized asset data hub
  • Equipment tracking automation

Maintenance operations

  • Planning and operation of assets
  • Scheduling of maintenance
  • Execution of maintenance

Geographical enablement

  • Standalone geometry explorer and editor
  • Customization of geospatially enabled solutions
  • Federation of GIS data

Crowd service

  • Collaborative service ecosystem
  • Management of skills and qualification
  • Scheduling and technician empowerment with AI

Product Overview

SAP Asset Performance Management

SAP Field Service Management

SAP Asset Manager

SAP Business Network for Asset Management

SAP S/4HANA Asset Management

SAP Geographical Enablement Framework

SAP Crowd Service

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