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    14 Mar, 2022

    Policing the UK and capitalising on budgetary ...

    Declining public trust, a global pandemic, increased cybercrime, and heightened terrorist activity is all testing the UK Police Force. With increasing social inequality it’s only ...

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    8 Mar, 2022

    Employee Spotlight: Gabrielle Turner

    As technology advances and the markets shift, invenioLSI adapts to its ever-evolving environment and continues to put the needs of its customers and employees first. For one ...

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    28 Feb, 2022

    invenioLSI Culture Code

    invenioLSI is not just a company - we are a community. Therefore, we have decided to develop a CODE for our culture. We value transparency and thought we would share our outlook ...

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    23 Feb, 2022

    Steve Smith Full Circle: A Career in SAP

    Steve Smith, invenioLSI Partner and EVP of Operations and Delivery, has been with the company for 18 years. That’s 18 years of first-of-their-kind projects and implementations, ...

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    15 Feb, 2022

    Model Come, Model Go - Content Lives Forever

        Video killed the Radio Star Content financing is becoming the central topic of interest as the landscape changes to favor more streaming content while marginalizing ...

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    14 Feb, 2022

    Employee Spotlight: Katy Quilter

    As our Human Resources Director of 15 years, Katy Quilter is a driving force behind invenioLSI’s progressive company culture and generous employee benefits package, along with ...

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    4 Feb, 2022

    Spring Boot Elastic Beanstalk with Amazon MSK

    Apache Kafka is a distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant messaging system. It is a publish-subscribe based system that enables the parallel processing of messages. Its durability, ...

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